Dingre solar Technology

Tangshan Dingre  Solar Energy Science Co.,Ltd is an established large-scale enterprise in northern China which integrates scientific research, manufacturing industry and multi-channel trade. We specialize in the R&D and production of solar thermal products including pressurized water tanks, solar panels, solar water heaters, solar collectors, modular water tanks, round water tanks and water feeders.


The company is equipped with state of the art facilities and excellent staff. The foaming machine we use is imported from Italy OMS Company. Other advanced equipment includes NC punching machine, hydraulic machine, magnetron sputtering machine, computer automatic seam argon arc welder, screen printer and computer controlled automatic circular seam MIG welding device. In addition, we have dozens of experts engaging in the R&D of solar energy. The excellent quality and outstanding technology of our products is 100% guaranteed and proven by our returning customers.


Having engaged in the solar industry for more than 10 years, DR has made a lot of profound achievements. The company has passed 36 authoritative certifications including ISO9001, ISO 14001, 3C and CE. The foreign trade department has successfully established excellent business relationship with many customers from Europe, Southeast Asia, Korea, South America and we are continuously expanding our success throughout the world.

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