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Price: USD 90.00/set
MOQ: 50 set

Material of DR Solar Water Heater
1. Vacuum tube:
1.1.Three target solar vacuum tube, borosilicate glass

2. Water tank:
2.1.Inner tank: SUS304-2B food class stainless steel, thickness 0.5mm
2.2.Outer tank: Materials are optional
2.2.1.Color steel, thickness 0.41mm
2.2.2.SUS201 stainless steel, thickness 0.41mm
2.3.Insulation: Integrated high density polyurethane foam, thickness 60mm, density 40kg/m 3

3. Bracket:
3.1.Materials are optional
3.1.1.Galvanized steel, thickness 1.5mm
3.1.2.Aluminum alloy steel, thickness 1.2mm
3.2.Bracket angle: According to customers ' requirements

4. Assistant tank(for automatic water loading):
4.1.Inner tank: SUS304-2B food class stainless steel, thickness 0.5mm
4.2.Capacity of the tank are optional

Other Information of DR Solar Water Heater
1. Max working pressure: 0.06 Mpa
2. Heating preservation hours: 48-72 hours

Characteristics of DR Solar Water Heater
This type solar water heater uses high temperature borosilicate glass vacuum tubes as a heat absorbing element. This system uses the thermosiphon principle. The vacuum tubes are plugged into the bottom of the water tank. The water is filled inside the vacuum tubes, the vacuum tubes transform solar energy to thermal energy. The temperature of the water inside the vacuum tubes will rise to a high temperature. With the thermosiphon principle, the hot water in the vacuum tubes rises and arrives in the water tank. The cold water inside the water tank returns to the vacuum tubes. As long as the sun shines this repeated process of continuous circulation the water is heated up till it reaches a high temperature.

The solar system of this type solar water heater has excellent high absorption properties and low emittance rate. The output of a solar water heater will depend on the amount of solar energy that is available. On a good sunny day with 6 to 7 hours of sunlight, the solar vacuum tubes will collect enough solar energy to heat water up to 65°C/149°F, and the highest temperature of water can reach up to 95°C/203°F, in such a way that you can see steam coming from the vent.

The solar water heater performs very well during rainy days and overcast conditions with low temperatures. With the solar vacuum tube technology, the reliability of the system increases, since the temperature inside the vacuum tubes is independent of the surrounding temperature.

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Specification of DR Solar Water Heater

Vacuum tube Qty of tubes pcs Effective area() Capacity of tank (L) Application on people number

10 1.376 100 2-3
12 1.674 120 3
15 2.064 150 3-4
18 2.478 180 3-5
20 2.755 200 3-6
24 3.310 240 7-8
30 4.142 300 8-10

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