Dripline with flat dripper Drip Tape manufacturer drip irrigation t tape

Dripline with flat dripper Drip Tape manufacturer drip irrigation t tape

Dripline with flat dripper Drip Tape manufacturer drip irrigation t tape

Product features:

With new type of emitter design, excellent emission uniformity and anti-clogging property.

Made by 100% virgin PE raw material and advanced production technology, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, and durability.

Extruded with emitter inside, light weight and packed by roll, good for transportation.

Economic drip tape, suitable for large farm application.

Plentirain drip tape advantage:

Made by 100% virgin Polyethylene, ensure product quality.

The actual meter of one roll is produced longer than the label stated.

No breakage for every roll, good for drip tape laying out by machinery.

Safe cohesion of flat emitter.

Production is strictly controlled in conformity with standard ISO 9261:2004. Inspection is carried out on diameter, wall thickness, emitter spacing, flow rate, bursting pressure, CV, emission uniformity, carbon black content, hydrostatic pressure, tensile strength.

Why choose drip irrigation:

Save water,fertilizer and labour

Control temperature and humidity

Keep soil structure

Improve crop yield and quality and bring economic benefit


Production standard: GB/T19812.3-2017

Inner Diameter: 16mm

Other specification can be customized.

Pressure &Flow rate relationship chart:

Flat emitter 1.38L/H

Dripline Application:

Drip tape is widely used in drip irrigation project in greenhouse and land cultivation. It works efficiently on potato, cotton and various vegetables etc.

Emitter spacing

Applied for crops commonly


All crops


Chili, flower, melon, onion, pepper, potato, strawberry, tomato, alfalfa, asparagus, banana, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, corn, cotton, cucumber, eggplant


Garlic, ginseng, grape, leafy vegetables, lettuce, onion, pepper, potato, pumpkin, rose, spinach, squash, strawberry, sugarcane, tobacco, tomato, turnip, watermelon


Alfalfa, grape, onion, pepper, potato, sugarcane, tobacco, turnip, watermelon


Alfalfa, blueberry, grape, soybean, red plum, sugarcane

The maximum running length of 16mm drip tape

Emitter spacing

Maximum running length




















Note: 1. Water inlet pressure 1 bar. 2. Inner diameter 16mm. 3. Flat terrain. 4. Flow rate deviation 10%

Tips of installing and operating drip tape

The operating pressure must be kept 50kpa-100kpa.

Drip Tape must be laid down straight and the emitters should be kept upward.

Scratch, crush and trample should be avoided when drip tape is laid down and used.

When drip tape is used under mulch film, burn caused by water drop as a burning glass should be avoided.

Insect pest should be handled timely to keep crops and drip tape from damage.

Water, fertilizer and agricultural chemicals for drip irrigation system should be filtered, no less than 120 mesh.

The main products of PLENTIRAIN is drip irrigation system products, such as drip tape with continuous labyrinth(A-TAPE), dripline with flat dripper(I-DROP), dripline with cylindrical dripper(D-LINE), dripline with flat pressure compensating dripper(I-DROP PC), online dripper, arrow dripper, drip irrigation accessories, main line, screen & disc filter, venturi fertilizer injector, and electric valve. We also supply mini sprinkler irrigation, such as micro spray tape, standing-up type micro sprinkler and hang-down type micro sprinkler.

Plentirain irrigation products are suitable for vegetable farm, row crop farm, vineyard, orchard, and greenhouse etc.

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Dripline with flat dripper Drip Tape manufacturer drip irrigation t tape,