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factory stable and antirust platform open steel floor grating


The steel grating is an open steel member which is fixed by orthogonally supporting the flat steel and the cross bar at a certain interval and fixed by welding or pressure lock; the cross bar is generally made of twisted square steel,round steel or flat steel.

Steel gratings have been widely used in many projects in China. The superior performance of steel gratings and the application of the mining industry have been well developed, as follows:
1. Steel grating saves the amount of steel used: The most steel-saving amount under the same load conditions, and correspondingly reduce the material of the support structure.
2, the appearance of modern style: beautiful appearance, design specifications, ventilation and light, giving people a modern and smooth overall feeling.
3, can greatly reduce investment: save materials, labor, labor, free cleaning and maintenance.
4, the installation time is short, can greatly save the construction period: the product does not need on-site processing, the installation is very fast.

5, durable: by the hot dip zinc anti-corrosion treatment before leaving the factory, corrosion resistance, is the use time of the pattern plate several times.

Steel gratings are suitable for alloys, building materials, power stations, boilers. shipbuilding. Petrochemical, chemical and general industrial plants, municipal construction and other industries, with ventilation, light, anti-skid, strong carrying capacity, beautiful and durable, easy to clean, easy to install and so on. Steel grating has been widely used in various industries at home and abroad, mainly used as industrial platform, ladder pedal, handrail, channel floor, railway bridge sideway, high-altitude tower platform, drainage cover, manhole cover, road barrier, three-dimensional Parking lots, fences for institutions, schools, factories, enterprises, sports fields, garden villas, can also be used as exterior windows for residential buildings, balcony railings, highways, railway guardrails, etc.

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