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BILDPRO 71 inch Heavy Duty Telescopic Camcorder Stand Professional Aluminum Tripod Fluid Head Panoramic Photography Accessories


Price: USD 50.00/
MOQ: 40


1. Material: Aviation aluminum alloy.
2. Pan head: 360° panoramic fluid head with two handles.
3. Features: 32mm heavy load capacity leg with buckle flip quick lock.
4. Inverted central shaft for macro photograhy.
5. Foot spike screw is replaceable for rough road photography.
6. Technicals: Anodization and CNC forging. Different colors are available.

Model Max H.(mm) Min H.(mm) Fold H.(mm) Sections Max Leg(mm) Min Leg(mm) Net W.(kg) Load W.(kg)
AK-324 1800 520 650 4 32 24 3.5 15

1. High Quality Assurance: High strength CNC aircraft aluminum alloy and carbon fiber material make sure this professional video camera tripod in a great quality and stability. The trident is made by magnesium material which is very lightweight. This tripod is the best choice for all DSLR cameras, professional video cameras and heavy duty camcorders.

2. Ball Head: 36mm / 30mm ball head with universal 1/4 camera screw tripod mount and antiskid quick release plate, this professional tripod is suitable for heavy duty camcorder, video camera, DSLR camera, and digital camera.

3. Great Compatibility: With removable monopod leg, this professional tripod is multifunctional to be used as camera tripod, foldable monopod and portable alpenstock for tourism travel wild outdoor photography. 180° foldable design is easy to be carried.

4. Multi-angle Photography: Besides three photography angles, we also could invert or remove centre shaft for lowest macro photography. For camouflage tripod and colorful tripod, we could take macro photography on trident and quick release plate.

5. Technical Points: We make most professional camera tripod with anodic oxidation surface and CNC forging treatment, and high temperature baking varnish paint in green color, which is close to nature.

6. Tripod Accessory:
These professional tripod spare parts include: replaceable rubber foot, foot spikes, hexagon screwdriver, and tripod bag.

7. Color Choice:
For AW series, only camouflage nature green color is available. AW tripod is special made eco close to nature.
For other professional video camera tripod, mini tripod and lightweight tripod, different colors could be made.

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