Automatic screen cleansing wipes making machine


This machine is dieal for making screen wipes for cleaning the screen,wet and dry two type in a set.It is with special design for our machine working method,machine can make one piece of wet wipes to clean the screen first,and another piece of dry wipes to remove the excess dirt.As a pair,it comes with two of piece,wet and dry with perforation line linked.
Machine produces 4 pieces at per run,it can reach at maximum of 280 piece per minute.With Touch screen operation,th operator only needd to click the screen and monitor the whole production
Main Specs:
Inner pad non-wovenunfold 60x60mm,folded 30x30mm-or option for buyer size
Outer pack size:60x60mm
Pack film width:480mm
Pack film max dia:350mm
Pack film weight:73-110gsm
Non woven outer dia:600mm max
Non woven inner dia:76mm
Non woven width:60mm option
Machine weight:450kg
Machine size:2000x1000x1500mm
Other individual size is accepted

Spare parts:

Full set of spare parts provided,tool kits,Operation manual.

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Automatic screen cleansing wipes making machine,