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China GRTAE is the most convenient powerful and international trade platform for domestic and foreign buyers, specialized for tire,wheel, equipment and related parts since 2010.

680 exhibitors participated in last show, and there will be more in the coming event, nowhere else in the world you can meet so many Chinese suppliers as in China GRTAE, it’s the biggest market place in the world for tire, wheel and related products. You could meet with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers to buy you want. You could show the most high-end products and accept an enquiry of 100,000 times. You could publish unique industry insights and discuss with tens of thousands of peers...Don’t miss the chance to find your right business partner!

If you are interested in tire products, especially car tyre, you can click here to access more product information.If you are interested in attending our tire show, it’s perfect.

Do you know about China GRTAE

Our exhibitions data has included many aspects: tires, tire accessories, retreaded tires ; aluminium wheels, steel wheels and accessories; rubber technology, tire production and testing equipment, wheel production equipment,, rubber machinery and testing equipment, refurbishment equipment and technology raw and auxiliary rubber materials, carbon black, rubber chemicals, fillers, steel wire ropes; maintenance equipment, testing and diagnostic equipment and tools, as well as auto parts, industry magazines. We will hold a China international tire exhibition in the near future.,

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