Interactive Display

Model: RS-V55Touching function: supporting 10 points touchingsupporting picturesamplification,shrinking and rotation.supporting all signal sourcesand using touching functions.supporting on controlling allsingals.voices or other list control

le IBR and Corrugated Machines

Metal Double IBR and Corrugated MachinesWe are the professional manufacturerof roof tile roll forming machine.We havetrapezoidal sheet roll forming machinefor color steel IBR sheet, corrugated sheet roll forming machinefor corrugated sheet.

Wood Floor Polishing Machines

Electric Marble Wood Floor Polishing MachinesIt is suitable for grinding and polishing of indoor ground.Adjust the handle: adjust the operating lever to the best working height.Handle: built-in metal handle, more durable.Motor: high-power m

ssroom laptop charging station

OurAC Charging CarthavesafetycertificationofUL,CE,ROHS,CCC,FCCandREACH,consideringthesafetyandqualityassurance.Design two side door to protect power area and curved edge surface to preventinguser getting hurt and device. Laptop Cabinets For

Compatible Toner For HP CF280A 80A Toner Cartridge

Compatible Toner For HP CF280A 80A Toner CartridgeQuick Details:Product NumberCF280APrint TechnologyLaserSuitable PrinterHP LaserJet Pro 400, HP LaserJet Pro M401ChipWith ChipOPCNEWQualityCompatibleMOQ1Pcs or place a large orderDefective Ra

Compatible HP 55A CE255A Toner Cartridge for Black

Compatible HP 55A CE255A Toner Cartridge for BlackQuick Details:Product NumberCE255APrint TechnologyLaserSuitable PrinterHP Laserjet P3015d/3015dn/3015xChipWith ChipOPCNEWQualityCompatibleMOQ1Pcs or place a large orderDefective Rate0.5%Page

Toner Cartridge CE505A

Compatible wholesale black toner cartridge for HP CE505AQuick Details:Product NumberCE505APrint TechnologyLaserSuitable PrinterHP LaserJet P2035/2035n/2055dn/2055xChipWith ChipOPCNEWQualityCompatibleMOQ1Pcs or place a large orderDefective R

CE390A 90A Toner Cartridge

Compatible HP CE390A 90A Toner Cartridge Manufactory in China Quick Details:Product NumberCE390APrint TechnologyLaserSuitable PrinterHP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M601/M602/M603ChipWith ChipOPCNEWQualityCompatibleMOQ1Pcs or place a large order

ight Amber 5mm Throuh-hole LED

Wanting to zing your LED project? We are the big fun of this Amber LED!This Amber 5mm LED got the highest brightness on Amber Through-hole diffused 5mm led and its wavalength is among Red led and Yellow led, which is got a range between 595

l HPMC for Dry Mortar Machines

In the construction industry,The HPMCas a water retaining agent and retarding agent for water and sediment, the sand slurry can be pumped.Use mortar, gypsum, putty powder or other building materials as adhesives to improve the applicability

me DIY Fibre Facial mask Paper

Travel Home DIY Fibre Facial mask Paper Scope: skin care, beauty skin care and so on. Suitable for all skin types Use: according to personal habits using appropriateamount (20ML) drinking water and other liquid to wet it. Mask paper fullabs

New design silicone custom cute penicl bag

1 ,硅胶袋是新的,由高品质的环保有机硅材料制成2 ,便宜携带和保存,适合您的旅行。适合存放洗浴用品和沐浴3 ,包包非常漂亮有用。其特殊的设计将使你看起来独特4 ,快速轻松地去除沙子以及一小部分泥土。不要擦它5 ,足够大的空间把你的化妆品放进包里6 ,

Factory wholease silicone custom cute penicl case

1 ,硅胶袋是新的,由高品质的环保有机硅材料制成2 ,便宜携带和保存,适合您的旅行。适合存放洗浴用品和沐浴3 ,包包非常漂亮有用。其特殊的设计将使你看起来独特4 ,快速轻松地去除沙子以及一小部分泥土。不要擦它5 ,足够大的空间把你的化妆品放进包里6 ,

Factory wholease silicone penicl case

1 ,硅胶袋是新的,由高品质的环保有机硅材料制成。2 ,便于携带和保存,适合您的旅行。适合存放洗浴用品和沐浴。3 ,包包非常漂亮有用。其特殊的设计将使你看起来独特。4 ,快速轻松地去除沙子以及一小部分泥土。不要擦它。5 ,足够大的空间把你的化妆品放进

Recorder Box, Voice Recording

S-2018CSound Module for plush toyRecordable: 6s/10s/20s recording timeSize: 48X35X20MMPlastic Material: ABSApplicationApplied to tedd bear, stuff toys, presents, gifts, pillow, Craft creations and other personal recording message applicatio

2 Digits Dual Power Calculator

Office Desks Calculator12 Digits Dual Power CalculatorProduct Description 1. 8 digits displayed 2. Dual power family calculator 3. Custom calculator oem 4. Calculator for promotion gift Specification ofMiddle Size 12 Digits Calculator1.Item

ic injection moulding machines

140 ton Bole plastic injection moulding machinesBole centre clamping structure■ 100% clamping force use, 10%-20% higher than traditional toggle structure.■ Less possibility of flash, save flash trim work.■ Save 2-5% material.■ Offer goo

pad printer with tank station

Product Description2 color pad printer with tank stationLC-PM2-150TK-16 consists of four counters. It have 16 pcs station.the body of die-cast aluminum manufacturing, light and strong, easy to adjust.speed relatively independent plastic hea

optical infrared filters for lasers

Filters are designed by their manufacturers to transmit or absorb different wavelengths of light. And they are widely used in scientific experiments and industrial applications where that change is necessary. Color Separation Filter,Neutral

All kinds of optical glass prism

Prism can be made from any material that is transparent to the wavelengths for which they are designed. Typical materials include optical glass and plastic,such as fused silica,BK7,SF11,PC etc.. A prism can be used to break light up into it

optical ZnSe wedge windows

Optical window is optical glass with grinding and polished faces that are parallel to each other,windows can be a protection of original when it's in two physical environments.And there is almost no effect on visible light,to coat on the su

optical sapphire hyper hemishpere dome

The dome lens/hemisphere dome we manufactured be used to protect the lens of underwater camera,which could resist the pressure of water,and give a best view field to catch picture.Specification of hemisphere dome we could supplied as follow

C Swing Check Valve Flange End

Ningbo RMI Plastic Co.,Ltd offer several models of PVC check valve, include flange type swing check valve, socket type swing check valve, PVC flange ball check valve, PVC true union ball check valve, PVC single union ball check va

PVC Foot Valve Flange End

PVC foot valve model RPV148 is a flanged type foot valve, it is a heavy duty plastic foot valve with size from 2" to 12". this type UPVC check valve is usually used in industrial area due to it's strong body and good strength. the flange st

ctivator Functional Appliances

Name:Teuscher Activator Functional AppliancesDescription: The Teuscher Activator is a variation that eliminates the palatal acrylic for greater comfort and tongue space utizizing a large omega loop coffin spring for transverse stability. A

Real Tree heat transfer paper

Allnice Digital Technology Co., Limited --sublimation paper manufacturer since 2003 We are the manufacturer of sublimation transfer paper,and mainly produce 70/80/100/120/140gsm regular sublimation transfer paper,100/120gsm sticky sublimati

Hot Wholesale A4 or roll sublimation forever textile

Allnice Digital Technology Co., Limited --sublimation paper manufacturer since 2003 We are the manufacturer of sublimation transfer paper,and mainly produce 70/80/100/120/140gsm regular sublimation transfer paper,100/120gsm sticky sublimati

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